Wedbush Securities Launches Cloud Based Enterprise Trading Platform EOS

Los Angeles, CA – January XX, 2021 – Wedbush Securities, one of the nation’s leading independent financial services providers, is pleased to announce the launch of EOS, powered by Wedbush. EOS is a first of its kind cloud-based enterprise trading platform delivering corporate clients a mobile and web investment banking and capital markets solution at their fingertips. For the first time a company can initiate, manage and monitor their at-the-market offerings (“ATMs”) and stock repurchase programs from their mobile or desktop device.

“Wedbush has electronic trading in our DNA and innovation in our roots,” said Gary Wedbush, President of Wedbush Securities. “The launch of EOS is a natural progression of our firm’s vision. Under the leadership of Francis Paulino, we believe EOS will be the catalyst for evolving the client experience, providing issuers and institutions the most modern, transparent, and lowest cost way to access capital through ATMs, repurchase programs, and other forms of capital formation.”

Wedbush EOS provides corporate customers both intellectual and financial capital benefits. Intellectually, EOS brings to the CFO or treasurer a detailed market review of their capital securities and those of their competitors to allow them to make informed decisions on capital formation. Financially, EOS’ everyday low commission pricing helps companies reduce their all-in cost of capital. EOS has embedded risk systems, reporting and tracking tools. Clients can customize their EOS experience, integrating their own policy, or accessing a Wedbush trader for execution.

Francis Paulino added, “With the EOS platform, issuers now have the freedom to manage their liquidity programs on-the-go, anonymously, and in real-time with an efficient, cost effective and data rich tool. The EOS mission has been to create an information rich and near-frictionless trading environment, improving capital formation decision making, and ultimately lowering the cost of capital.”

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